Workshop 24

A pop up project in South Kilburn, Nov 2010-March 2011 - a Revolutionary Arts project


Do It Yourself

The Empty Shops Network return to Workshop 24, Peel Precinct, Kilburn for one final week of activity exploring the Big Society and Do It Yourself Culture. Ideal for community leaders and creatives alike. All sessions are free but places are limited to ten per session. To book email, Tweet @artistsmakers or text to 07859 228347. 

Tuesday 7th June: DIY Design: create branding that’s handmade, homespun and just as impressive as the big boys. With Steve Rowland, designer for Heavenly Records, Memphis Industries and Workshop 24. 1-4pm

Thursday 9th June: Empty Shops Surgery: iron out the creases and sooth the struggle, by spending an hour with Empty Shops Network founder and author of the Empty Shops Toolkit Dan Thompson. One to one sessions, hour long, from 1-7pm. Sorry, fully booked: get in touch for future surgery sessions

Thursday 9th June: Social Media Surgery: Sort out your Twitter from your Facebook, your Flickr from your Quora. Sit down for an hour-long one to one session with Daniel O’Neill, between 1-7pm. Booking essential.

Thursday 9th June: Words work together: A poetic exploration of the use of language, lyrics, and literature to give communities a voice. Participants will learn practical skills to use with local communities and get creative themselves. With Simon Mole. 1-4pm

Saturday 11th June: The Explorer’s Handbook: explore the city by looking up, over, around, under and through - an afternoon of exploration for artists, writers and photographers that will unlock new ways to look at where you live. Led by artist and explorer Dan Thompson. 1-5pm. Exhibition of work created 6.30-7.30pm. Results will also be used to make a fanzine - all participants will receive a copy.


Workshop 24 - the book

Documenting everything that went on at Workshop 24, and celebrating the creative people in South Kilburn, this book includes interviews, photos and creative responses to Peel Precinct. It’s all Made In South Kilburn.


South Kilburn Speaks: Poetry from Peel Precinct

Fanzine of poetry from the South Kilburn Speaks project which ran at Workshop 24: a pdf to download. Also available as an A5 zine from the shop.


River Kilbourne

South Kilburn’s a hidden place. Almost literally; the estate and its tower blocks is lower than Kilburn High Road, lower than Queen’s Park. It’s in the dip of a valley, a triangle enclosed by two lost rivers. The top floor of the highest, most mighty tower block in South Kilburn is probably no higher than the top of a three storey house on Kilburn High Road. 

Those lost rivers are two forks of what is now known as the Westbourne but was until the mid 1800s the Kilbourne, and longbefore that the Cune Bourne. They still define the area, even unseen. At one point, near the site of the old Priory, they still bubble, the steady flow echoing up through two side-by-side gutter gratings.

A hundred years ago, they made themselves known; ao particularly raucous street party and the old Kilburn Lane collapsed into the river underneath. Now, residents complain about the rising damp, the sometime flooding, the poor drainage, little knowing they’re living on a flood plain. This area should glisten and shine in the spring sun after heavy rain. Instead the rain runs down stained concrete and forms murky pools for litter to float in.

Find out more about the lost river on River Kilbourne Day at Workshop 24 on Monday 28th March.


What’s on in March

We’re in our final month - although we are working on plans to extend the life of the shop and make sure that the South Kilburn Studios project continues the good work we’ve started. Here’s what’s coming up:

5th South Kilburn Speaks - Live poetry 2pm
8th Made In South Kilburn (Book and Fanzine) 2-5
9th Girl With A Spade (Guerilla Gardening) all day/ Afternoon tea 1-4
12th Documentary workshop
14th A-Z Alphabet Afternoon 1-4
15th A-Z Alphabet Afternoon 1-4/ Made In South Kilburn 2-5
16th Girl With A Spade/ Afternoon tea 1-4
21st ImaGen Exhibition (Photographic project)
22nd ImaGen Exhibition
23rd Chelsea Students Exhibition
24th Chelsea Students Exhibition
25th Chelsea Students Exhibition/ Peel Precinct Party 2-5
28th River Kilbourne Day
29th Made In South Kilburn Exhibition
30th Afternoon tea 1-4

Permalink From an old architect’s model of South Kilburn: aerial photos of a very clean, minimal Kilburn
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Permalink See those shutters? We’d like to commission somebody to paint them. We don’t want anything obviously graffiti style, as there’s lots of that locally; we’d like something graphic, illustrative or text based. Ideas? Contact @artistsmakers on Twitter or email
Permalink I think I’m falling in love with these tower blocks

Make something

It’s been a week of planning, preparation and getting to grips with the place we’re going to be working for the next four months -the mighty Peel Precinct.

I want to get residents on the estate to show what they can do. So the Empty Shops Network will be offering some micro-grants before Christmas, and asking people from the South Kilburn Estate to make something for us. Anything at all. It could be a work of art, a piece of music, something to wear or a meal to eat. Fancy making something for us?

We have a trusty Transit booked tomorrow, so we can deliver furniture to the shop, and I’ll be in and out this week. And we’ll be looking for people who can make stuff. If it’s you, come and say hello.

Permalink The OK Club is the Headquarters of the Oxford Kilburn Youth Trust, working in and around South Kilburn - just down the road from Workshop 24. An independent charity, it provides one to one mentoring, club-based, school-based and outreach work, partnership work with local authorities and local and national voluntary agencies, and accommodation for volunteers from around the world.